Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need experience?

No experience is needed! The classes are designed for anyone over 50 who wants to dance for wellbeing and enjoyment. If you danced all your life or have two left feet, it doesn’t matter!

What do I wear?

Please wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Clothing should be easy to move in, layers are good for when you warm up. Bare feet or comfortable flat shoes should be worn. Ballet shoes are recommended but not compulsory, these can be purchased at classes.

I usually walk with a stick, are these classes suitable for me?

Absolutely! Every exercise can be adapted to suit you. Please don’t hesitate to contact Abigail to discuss any queries or concerns.

Is there a maximum age?

No, anybody of any age over 50 is welcome!

Are classes suitable for men and women?

Absolutely, everyone is welcome at classes.